Mr David Davis MP: Misconduct in Public Office

Do you believe it is OK for Mr David Davis MP to mislead Parliament and the British Public about the Impact Assessments the Government has or has not made to quantify the damage "brexit" would do to the UK, were we to leave the EU?

A reading of the CPS definition of the crime of Misconduct in Public Office (here) suggests that Mr Davis should now be investigated for several  aspects of his conduct as a Minister.

  1. There is the fact that he initially claimed that very many "brexit" impact assessments had been carried out using the term "in excruciating detail"  - but subsequently he stated that there are no such assessments (in detail).
  2. Public officers such as Mr Davis must necessarily carry out their duties for the benefit of the public as a whole, but if there are assessments and they show that leaving the EU will damage the UK, then for Mr Davis to continue to try to take the UK out of the EU, knowing that his actions will be damaging,  appears to be Misconduct in Public Office.

If you believe that Mr Davis should be investigated for Misconduct in Public Office, please sign up and when the number of signatories reaches 1000, he will be reported to the appropriate authorities for investigation.

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