This website was first set up to explore whether there was public support to investigate Mr David Davis MP for Misconduct in Public Office after he first claimed that very many brexit impact assessments had been carried out "in excruciating  detail" and then later admitted that he was simply lying to Parliament and the Public.  There was public support to summons Mr Davis , but in the event, Mr Davis was removed from his post, so we decided to let matters rest.

Russian Interference in UK politics

The events of the last few days, with the publication of the Russia Report, have now shown the British people that Mr Johnson and his government simply cannot  be trusted to defend UK democracy, or to carry out their duties for the benefit of the public as a whole, so that we believe steps must now be taken to prosecute Mr Johnson for Misconduct in Public Office.

We do not wish to proceed without the full  support of the public, so we would ask you to sign up below, and when the number of signatories reaches 5,000, we will start the process of prosecuting Mr Johnson for Misconduct in Public Office.

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